1 - 2 MarchReykjavik, Iceland

For more information, check out the main JSConf Iceland website.

Ticket schedule

  • 10/13, 18:00 UTC - Early Coder Tickets - SOLD OUT
  • 10/20, 15:00 UTC - Regular Coder Tickets, 1st batch - SOLD OUT
  • 10/31, 18:00 UTC - Regular Coder Tickets, 2nd batch - SOLD OUT
  • 11/28, 15:00 UTC - Regular Coder Tickets, FINAL BATCH - SOLD OUT

Coder tickets include:

  • 2 days, 2 tracks full of talks from speakers around the world.
  • 3 evening events with the community.
  • Lunch, coffee and snacks on every conference day. Light dinner and drinks at evening events. All including vegan options.

All tickets are transferable and non-refundable.

Saturday and Sunday

If you're traveling from abroad, be sure to extend your stay over the weekend. 

On Saturday, we're planning a community trip. We'll also have discount coupons and a slack channel if you want to plan your own trip with other people.

On Sunday, enjoy brunch at the Blue Lagoon as a final gathering after the conference. Then relax in the lagoon for as long as you like.

Before the conference, we'll send you a link to buy a tickets (€10 for Saturday and €20 for Sunday).

Bringing your family/SO?

JSConf Iceland is the perfect conference to bring your significant others. We're offering a special SO track during the conference days. We also have special SO tickets for all social events. Further information available soon.

Diversity Scholarship

We aim to help underrepresented groups in tech by providing a limited number of free, Sponsored tickets.

The budget for these tickets is put together by sponsoring companies and individuals, who buy Diversity Sponsorship tickets. E.g. when someone buys a "Regular Coder Ticket + 25% Diversity Sponsorship" ticket, they donate 25% of the price of a ticket to someone from an underrepresented group who otherwise could not make it to the conference.

Attendance Agreements

JSConf Iceland aims to be a harassment-free event, see our Code of Conduct for further information. Every attendee, sponsor, staff and speaker is required to agree with our Code of Conduct.